1. S. Ayurvedic Medical College, Hospital & Research Institute, Gondia (MS)

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Sr. No Name of Articles Authors
1. Critical Review on Pathogenesis of Vataj and Vatakapaj Gridhrasi  (Sciatica) 1.Dr. Demendrakumar Thakre

2.Dr. Jaiprakash Ukey

3.Dr. Pramod Gahane

2. Management of Putraghni Yonivyapada by Uttarbasti: A case study 1.Dr. Jaymala Shirke

2.Dr. Priyanka Wate

3.Pratibha Kokate

3. A thematic review on Pandu with reference to Iron Deficiency Anamia 1.Dr. Suvidha M. Pazare

2.Dr. Achal M. Doye

3.Dr. Aditi A. Gandhare

4.Dr. Virendra Kodape

5.Dr. Madhavi Charmode

4.  Therapeutic Potential Of Bhavaprakashokta Dhanya Varga In Management Of Mahastrotas Vyadhi: A Review 1.Dr. Rita Mandle

2.Dr. Priyanka Wate

5. A Review of Saponine rich herbal drugs on COVID – 19 w.s.r to their Mucoadhesive


1.Vidhate R. Sneha

2.Wate Priyanka

6. Review On Therapy Of Udvartana In The Management Of Sthaulya (Obesity) 1.Priti S. Chaudhay

2.Jaiprakash Ukey

3.Pratibha Kokate

4.DemendraKumar Thakre

5.Jawahar Rahangdale

7. Conceptual review on Agnimandya with reference to Ajeerna (Indigestion) and its Ayurveda management 1.Dr. Mayur Sakarge

2.Dr. Vinay Pandey

3.Dr. Deepak Rahangdale

4.Dr. Anamika Turkar

8. Critical Review On Specific Symptoms Of Tamakshwasa (Asthama) And Its Pathogenesis 1.Dr. Pramod Gahane

2.Dr. Demendrakumar Thakre

3.Dr. Jaiprakash Ukey

9. Pain Management In Sandhigata Vata By Ayurvedic Dietary Formulation: Pilot Study 1.      Dr. Anjali D. Turale

2.      Dr. Vrushali Khandekar